Loki Episode 6 “For All Time. Always“- Season Finale. Loki will be back for season 2!

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Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Where should I start with this one. After having seen it twice I’m still not sure I got it all but I will try my best with this post. Feel free to call me out if I’ve missed things. My mind is still jumbled. What a finale that was. It started strong and it ended this way. The first thing I’m going to say, as film and media studies major, that the performances, the cinematography, the mise-en-scène, and the overall blocking and lighting of that show was so good. Nowadays it’s hard to impress me, but this show managed it 100%.

But for the last time, at least until season 2 comes out (yessssss we’re getting a second season guys), let’s start at the beginning. After enchanting Alioth together, Sylvie and Loki get to the citadel at the end of time. Before they enter, we can see the sacred timeline around the citadel surrounded by what appears to be rocks or planet parts. I’m not entirely sure. What however is apparent is that both Loki and Sylvie are scared of what lies ahead of them. Before they enter the citadel they’re hesitating and kind of stalling. At first it’s apparent more with Loki, however, I think it’s more because he’s afraid for Sylvie than for himself. And for Sylvie it’s because she’s finally at the point where she fought to be since she was a child. A couple of things in this scene is the chemistry between these two. For one, they’re synchronic during most of their movements, gestures, and actions. They move at the same time with the same pace and the same motives. Even their hair length is the same. Another thing is (and this I discover thanks to watching the episode with a good friend) that Loki is submissive. When Sylvie tells him to shut up and give her a couple of moments, he immediately does so, and stands there with his head hanging and hands behind his back in a “Yes ma’am“ pose. If she asked he’d probably kneel for her.

Screenshot by Anke Schönle: She wanted me to include Loki being a sub so I did

Upon entering the citadel I almost jumped out of my seat and I watch many horror movies and they usually don’t scare me as much as Miss Minutes suddenly appearing did. This moment was so fascinating to me, as we got to see a different site to Miss Minutes. At the beginning of the season I thought she’s just a mascot of the TVA, but here she’s much more manipulative and as though she has an agenda. She’s trying to deter Sylvie and Loki from going further. Suggesting a timeline where both can exist together, and where Loki could get the Asgardian throne and defeat the Avengers. Remember that the show begins when Loki was just defeated by the Avengers. And the old Loki would’ve taken up the offer. This scene shows how much he has grown in this short time and now cares about other people more than about himself. Sylvie and their mission to see who is responsible is more important now. 

As they go on, they finally encounter who is behind the TVA. He Who Remains. And I have to admit that this moment felt kinda anticlimactic. I expected a trap or someone toying with these two for a bit. Nope. We get right to who is behind everything. And again, I have to mention how synchronic Sylvie and Loki move. And the fact that He Who Remains mention that two Loki’s have feeling for another. He did not expect that. Us fans either. But it must be part of the family as Thor feel in love with Jane who will be the female Thor. They are brothers after all. 

Now, what to make of He Who Remains. Was he lying the entire time? He definitely played with Loki and Sylvie trying to destroy their trust in one another, and he succeeded. But what about his explanation? I’ll attempt to recap his explanation of the multiverse and the war that happened because of it, as I fear I didn’t fully understood it yet (yes I’m dumb). He basically found the TVA to have one timeline and keep it safe from variants of himself, that started a war before. I’m doubting a lot of the things he told Sylvie and Loki, like giving them control over the TVA. Don’t get me wrong, I think the character of He Who Remains is fascinating and brings a lot of potential with him for the next season, but I don’t trust him. He managed to plant seeds of doubt into Loki but especially Sylvie. After what the TVA has done to her, she’s not sure whether she can trust anyone not even Loki. This is the exact opposite of what she said at the end of episode 5, when she told Loki that they’re the same. And again, I cannot stress enough that when He Who Remains tells them everything these two idiots are completely synchronic in the way they’re sitting in the chairs with their swords in the same hand over their lap. It’s these small details in that episode that make it worth re-watching again and again. And the fight scene. It was so well choreographed and they matched the other so damn well. But the heartbreak that followed. The look on Loki’s face wehen he faces his feeling for Sylvie and admits that he just wants her to be well. The single tear that falls down his face. Never has he cared about another being so much and you can see it in every nuance. He just wants what’s best for Sylvie, but she is so blinded by rage and her need for revenge that she doesn’t listen to him and rather believes that he’s just after the throne. It breaks my heart all over again, replaying the scene in my head. How hurt Loki is after Sylvie accuses him of wanting the throne and not really caring about her. For moment there is this expression on her face, where I think she knows that Loki really cares about her and does not want the throne. But the bigger part in her cannot trust anybody. She is blinded and just wants revenge for what was stolen from her, even if it means plunging the multiverse into a war. So, when she opens a time portal and kicks Loki into it, his heart breaks all over again. I won’t go into the kiss all that much, as it was just a ploy for Sylvie to distract Loki. I think she has feelings for him, but can’t own up to them out of fear. Firs she has to learn to trust. We will see what happens in that regard in season 2. 

I find this angle really interesting. It could very well be possible that it was indeed a farewell to Loki

Don’t know about you guys, but for me He Who Remains knew what Sylvie would do and that’s why he played these two. He warned them about reincarnation and I have the feeling he wanted another version of himself, Kang, to take over the TVA.

Now to Renslayer and Mobius. I really hoped that Mobius would get some revenge that he was pruned through the order by his closets friend and would actually burn the TVA to the ground. Alas, this hasn’t happened as well. Sigh. Let’s go back to Miss Minutes again for a second. We see her playing with Renslayer too when she gives her some files that “He“ wants her to see. Renslayer doesn’t know about He Who Remains, but he of course knows about her. Miss Minutes ans He work together here too. Though I also still don’t know what to make of Renslayer as well. Does she want to know what is behind it all or is she still so loyal to the TVA that she can’t see anything beyond that? And why was she so mad at Mobius? Was she disappointed that he didn’t come to her? Or that he found out the truth and turned his back against the TVA? And the school principal Variant of her we see for a moment? Was she just used by Mobius and Hunter B-15 to show the Minutemen that they are variants? Ahhhhh so many questions still!!! I need season 2 ASAP!!!

Back at the TVA Loki is heartbroken. Honestly, I was close to crying seeing him sitting there like a kicked puppy after he was betrayed by Sylvie. The acting is A+ by Tom Hiddleston. That man can convey so much, with so little. 

And it also shows how strong Loki is. After having his heart broken yet again, he resolves to fund Mobius to try to fix what they fucked up. Only to find out that his only friend doesn’t remember him. That heartbreak was almost worse to see. He finally has a friend, only to lose him so soon. Nothing is as it was. Instead of the Time Keepers, there is a statue of He Who Remains or a variant of him. Here again, I’m wondering whether he landed in a different timeline as it is now a multiverse. The sacred timeline does not exist anymore. 

What an amazing episode and first season this was. So excited for season two and some more adventures and most importantly answers. I hope I got the most important points down and of not, feel free to tell me.

That’s it for Loki season one. I will make another post about Sylvie soon as I have some thoughts on her that I want to spent some more time on. And of course other topics are to follow, so feel free to follow me and subscribe to get email notifications. Please let me know your thoughts on this episode and the season in the comments. Would love to know what other people think about it. Stay safe and sane and you’ll hear from me soon. 

P.S. My amazing friend Paola just wrote a Loki blog post too check it out, it’s amazing.

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